Hey, I'm Faith.

I'm a full-time dog mom, growth marketer, and lover of life. I currently work for Contrarian Thinking and take on ad-hoc freelance projects to help startups grow via paid acquisition. I also co-founded a company, Only Freelance, to teach other 9-5 employees how to make the successful switch to freelancing. Check out the links below to learn more about my work. And feel free to reach out if you're interested in working together.




Myers Briggs: INTJStrengths finder:
Learner, Analytical, Relator, Focus, Individualization
Ray Dalio Principles: Strategist

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About Me

I'm a twenty-something marketer based in Hawaii who's mostly worked in tech. While tech is great and helps change the world, I realized I wanted something more. I'm a person who gets bored very easily so I constantly change up projects, where I live, and the way I think about life. So now I work for Contrarian Thinking where I help other people like me who want to live outside the norms of today's society. Prior to Contrarian, I created a successful freelancing business and worked in various FT roles. I first started my career working for my mentor, Josh Fechter, and learned the importance of taking big bets not only in your career...but also in your life. So now I work for Codie Sanchez as I move further into business ownership & financial independence. Outside of my work life, I have two great doggos, Arya and Daisy, who have traveled with me across the majority of the US. I LOVE to travel, and plan to see the majority of the world in my short span of time on this planet. I also enjoy hiking, fitness, and probably way too many jigsaw puzzles. If you want to talk marketing, career, freelancing, or just get to know me, reach out below.

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